The history of jewelery Family Nicolaides, starting in late 1880, the cosmopolitan Smyrna, from his grandfather Nicolaides Stylianou.

After the destruction of Smyrna, the family comes to Greece and the young Stelios Nicolaides early singles for the talent and passion for jewelry, and alongside his studies and starts mathiteia- practice both in Greece and in France. 

Very soon and having gained extensive experience in jewelry but also in appreciation of precious stones, starts his own retail store in downtown Athens and is emerging as one of the leading jeweler of his time making longer-value jewelry, "affordable" luxury.

At the same time, and is active in the wholesale, with a modern and complete laboratory for the season with the aim of producing high quality jewelry and aesthetics at the best prices.

Stelios Nicolaides, a pioneer and visionary pays attention and is constantly investing in wholesale, constantly developing the laboratory with modern Italian machinery, brings together the best performing and experienced craftsmen jewelers and creates high quality jewelry and beauty in combination with a variety of designs as well as tailor made creations.

Presents comprehensive jewelry lines quickly bring great success to the company and to consolidate in the minds of consumers. At the same time, build up a sales network throughout Greece, with selected vendors who educates himself in the sale of jewelry while respecting the quality, affordability and service customer needs.

Stelios Nicolaides married Helen Piperaki by a known family of Smyrna, which inspired her love for Smyrna traditional jewelry he created traditional jewelery collections which promoted and abroad. Together they had a son John Nicolaides.

The love and passion for quality jewelry, reported in Yiannis Nicolaides son who studied with his early high school years. 

Yiannis Nicolaides finished his studies in the art of jewelry, engraving and sculpture, Austria and started his own course alongside his father. Maintaining the family character that is part of the success of jewelery and steady course Yiannis Nicolaides continues the tradition while giving his own creative mark both classic and modern jewelry and religious jewelry.

Guided unsurpassed Greek Traditional noble processing art and non-metals not only design, we create and spruce with precious and semiprecious stones extremely sacerdotal amulets, pectoral crosses and crucifixes blessing and sanctification in a variety of Byzantine designs and shapes but also repair and restore like miniature works sacerdotal amulets, crosses, amulets, golden and silver buckles, traditional jewelry, silver engravers inflatable or forged Gospels covers, silver or nacre (mother of pearl) landlocked zones Bishops, Priests, monks deacon and other operating items related to the Orthodox Church.

Having thus guided the ancient Greek art, handmade processing of noble and non-metals that flourished in the Byzantine and post-Byzantine redesigned from Byzantine models create new similar 'forms' applying the Byzantine techniques. Also, we cover every need for souvenirs such as plaques, medals etc. high quality and special prices.

Finally, in the works of the silversmith we create and that is handheld works religiously adhere to our principles:

-high quality and craftsmanship at competitive prices

-reliability and warranty on precious stones and metals

-creativity, knowledge and monitoring of modern trends in jewelry.

We are waiting for you at the N jewelry concept store, in the center of Athens, on Chavriou Street 5 where it is housed up to this day. In the shop you will find a rich collection of classic and modern jewelery as well as high quality aesthetic and quality items and accessories for the man, woman and child.